Bring on the Fall

We have been outside a lot this month! It was been really nice. The weather has mostly been great up until this past week. I will never get around to blogging about each time, but here are some of the things we have been up to. While we would love for the beautiful weather to stick around, it never does and we have rain gear and are ready for whatever October decides to bring us.


Lots of play and exploration in the forest and creek behind our house. Soon this will be too high to really be able to play at safely so we’ve been trying to get down here whenever we can.


Riding bikes (I hope I fixed that helmet before she took off! I likely did, as I’m a tad paranoid safety conscious about that kind of thing)


Playing at playgrounds


Playing in the mud in the rain


We were supposed to try out mini golf, and the recording said it was open, but when we got there we were disappointed to find out it was only open on the weekends. However, the driving range was available so we bought a bucket of balls for the girls to try hitting. We only had Kris’ left-handed clubs available for them to use though, which were also too big. Fiona found it boring. Meredith wants to come back when she can try mini golf and use a club the right size and hand.


We did a small square study and discussed living and non-living things. This also tied in nicely with a unit in BFSU.


And of course, lots of playing in our backyard, in the sand box, on the swing set, and on the trampoline.


And a bonus image of Guinevere rolling over. How is she already semi-mobile?

Hamilton Hobby Farm

We had promised Fiona way back on her birthday that we would go for a pony ride in the summer. With everything else going on, it kept not happening. Finally last week, on the last weekday they were open, it was a gorgeous day and seemed perfect for an outing.

Our first stop was the market in Coombs. Meredith was thrilled with the piano. The note says that the piano is old but that people are welcome to play, so she played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.


We had a delicious lunch outside where we got to watch the goats on the roof, which Coombs is famous for.


Then it was on to the Hamilton Hobby Farm, which is a new petting farm that has just opened this summer for the first time. We had so much fun, and the people were so nice. I think we will definitely be returning. Kris and I were discussing dreams of opening something similar closer to home! There were baby bunnies and chicks to admire and even hold.


A hay ride, which while bumpy the girls seemed to really enjoy.


Pony rides. Meredith has been taking lessons for the summer (when we’ve been home), so she didn’t end up being super thrilled with the pony ride compared to what she does in her lessons.


But it was Fiona’s first time on a pony and she had been asking for this for a while now. She seemed really nervous at first, but as soon as the pony started moving her face broke out in a huge grin and stayed there until the end.


The girls got to go into the pen with the goats and brush them.


And then one of the owners came by with a bucket of feed and they got to hand feed them too.


Other animals we saw were alpacas (which don’t belong to the farm, but were visible during the hay ride), turkeys, more chickens, and ducks. I was enthralled by the Indian Runner ducks and sad that the pictures really don’t do them justice the same way watching them actually walk around does. They walk upright and almost seem like they are missing two little forearms or something. So hard to describe but so neat to watch them.


All in all, it was a really fun day and I think we will definitely be back again next year when they are open again.

Real-life treasure hunting


I keep hearing about this geocaching thing, but we’ve never actually tried it. But with Meredith’s interest in treasure hunting, I thought maybe we should try it out. I got some advice and help from some friends online, and signed up at I found information on three local “caches” that were all located [...]

Three months old


How did this baby get to be three months old already? Cliché as it is, it really does feel like just yesterday I was in labour and gave birth to her. Though on the other hand, she feels like she belongs with us and has always been here. She is [...]

Autumn Wish List


This is inspired by this post, but I don’t like the term “bucket list” for something like this. I have taken a lot of the ideas from there that I think the girls might like, and added some of my own as well. Often I think of things I want to do [...]

An oldie but goodie


Kris and Meredith went out earlier in the week by themselves. Kris dropped Meredith off at a friend’s house, and then went on to take our honey supers to have the honey extracted. (He came home with 60 pounds of honey! From a hive we have only had for 4 months!) This left Fiona, [...]

A Walk in the Woods


It was a gorgeous day today. We went out to a playground in the early afternoon, but when we got home it was still really beautiful weather so we decided to go for a walk in our woods. Kris was wanting to scope out our property to see if there were any rotting logs [...]

Another treasure hunt


When we go to the library, I will often add one or two books to their pile that I think they might find interesting. Sometimes they ask to read them, and they have led to some fun projects or discussions; other time they sit ignored in the pile. I like to get ideas from [...]

A summer’s day


It rained for a few days last week and I was feeling a little down. I don’t mind the rain, and in fact prefer cooler weather over sweltering hot. But I do feel like we didn’t get much of a summer this year. Guinevere was born just as summer started, and because of mild [...]

Sister wearing


The mei tai we made for Meredith seems to work perfectly. It fits Meredith well, and is a good size for Guinevere too. Meredith tried it out shortly after Guinevere was born, but Guinevere was fussy and also couldn’t hold herself upright very well, so it was fairly short lived.

“Living is learning and when kids are living fully and energetically and happily they are learning a lot, even if we don't always know what it is.”
~ John Holt